5 Reasons to Choose to Chew

When you’re out there on the road or trail, sometimes you just need to sink your teeth into something. That’s why we created our Energy Chews, which come eight to a package and add variety to your nutrition plan. But this sparks the question: with multiple fueling options, when should you choose to chew?

Chew—When You Need Easy Storage

Convenient like a Gel, their new sleeve-shaped packaging stores easily in running packs and cycling jerseys. The stick-like shape makes a package of Chews easy to grab, hold, and open so you can keep your eyes on the tarmac or trail. You can literally pop your next Chew through the end of the package right into your mouth! And when you’re finished, just fold over the top for easy storage. Cool, right? When you need easy access, choose to chew!

Chew—When You Only Need a Little Bit

Hey, we get it, sometimes you just can’t commit to an entire 100-calorie Gel. You feel the twinge of hunger or a slight dip in energy, but you’re almost done and you don’t want to waste your last packet of Salted Caramel Energy Gel. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Each Chew contains 20 calories, so you can eat a few and save the rest. You’ll still get GU’s blend of complex and simple carbohydrates, but you can consume a full serving at your pace. The easy-to-use packaging means you can take as much time as you need to finish a serving. When you only need a little, choose to chew!

Chew—When You Don’t Want a Mess

Gels can be sticky. Drinks can spill. Bars can crumble. But, when it comes to Chews, you’re pretty much guaranteed a mess-free fueling experience. They are solid and easy to grab while in the saddle or running on the trails. Each morsel of energy is easily held and chewed on the move. The packaging is also recyclable with TerraCycle™. So, when you’re done, you can toss it in a TerraCycle receptacle and know that it will be recycled into something new. When you don’t want a mess, choose to chew!

Chew—When You Need to Mix It Up

We’ve all been there. You are two-thirds through a long weekend ride, a tough trail section midway through a hard run, or near the end of lengthy session in the pool, and you arrive at a moment of ambivalence while holding a Gel in your hands. You simply cannot bring yourself to tear open the packet and slurp it down, but you know you need the energy. When you just can’t take another Gel, choose to chew!

Chew—When Your Friend is Bonking

Perhaps you’re like us and have that one friend who always forgets to pack nutrition on that long run or ride. You know who they are. One moment you’re enjoying a pleasant morning effort, breezing through a ride on well-fueled legs. The next thing you know, you’re on an unplanned visit to a gas station so your bonking friend can grab a candy bar in a desperate attempt to limp to the finish. Fortunately, our Energy Chews are now packaged in a double serving sleeve, which means that each package contains eight chewable pieces for a total of 160 calories. That’s two servings of quality carbohydrates and cramp-preventing electrolytes, which you can easily share with any forgetful friends. When you need to share, choose to chew!

Choose to Chew!

GU Energy Chews deliver delicious, easy to open, no mess energy that provide all the benefits of a GU Energy Gel. Like our Energy Gels, they are complete with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are protein building-blocks that contribute to energy production, preventing muscle breakdown, slowing mental fatigue, and kick-starting recovery. We believe that variety is the spice of life, so we offer four refreshing flavors: Watermelon, Blueberry-Pomegranate, Strawberry, and Orange.


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