Editor’s Note: Have you ever wondered what it would take to fuel a 13+ hour record ride? Well, now’s your chance to see exactly what Rebecca Rusch, The Queen of Pain, ate during her record smashing ride of the 142 mile  Kokopelli Tr. This update comes directly from the Queen herself. #jointherusch

Here’s what I did for the Red Bull Rusch Hour unsupported individual time trial and record breaking ride on April 27.

3140 total calories consumed in 13:32:46 hours.

This comes to a little over 232 calories per hour, which is almost exactly what I shoot for.  Pre-ride, I planned out the food based on a 15 hour target and then added about an hour’s worth of extra just in case I had issues on the trail or was way behind schedule.  I finished with extra food, but that’s always better in my mind than finishing without any fuel.  That’s happened to me a few times before and now I always have a bit of insurance food just in case.


Here’s the exact breakdown of what fueled my ride:

-I popped a Red Bull in the parking lot at midnight to get things started.

-Roctane Ultra Endurance drink mix, lemon-lime.  Three packets.  I started with two in my water bottle mixed at double strength to fuel me up the first really big climb.  I planned to go out hard, so I wanted to have liquid fuel for the really hard efforts.  I also wanted to “eat” the water weight as soon as possible to lighten my load.  I used the 3rd packet mixed in a bottle at the last water stop at around mile 75.

-GU Brew electrolyte drink, blueberry pomegranate 1 packet.  Chosen for the flavor and 2x sodium.  I started with this in my Camelbak.

-GU Lemon Chomps.  I chose these because they are my happy food.  I love the flavor, the easy chewing but not sticking to my teeth and the fact that they are not super sweet, so they don’t make me thirsty.  Carrying and filtering water is a big part of the strategy for this ride, so I didn’t want anything that made me thirsty.

-GU Chomps Watermelon x 2

-Roctane Gel: Choc Raspberry x2

-Roctane Gel:  Blueberry Pom x 4

-Roctane Gel:  Cherry Lime x 3

Chose these for the extra amino acids for endurance, the taste and the easy of consumption and digestion.

Honey Stinger Protein bars:  Dark Choc/mint/almond x 2.  I chose these for some solid food with protein.  Ate them in small bites and not all at once.

Bananinha:  a little banana chewy gem from Brazil. I take these on rides as comfort food and also because it’s pretty much like eating a whole banana.

Total water intake:  350 oz and I was bone dry at the end.

I carried all of my food in pockets and on the bike frame so it was easily accessible without stopping and opening my Camelbak.  I had a Mountain Feedbag strapped on my handlebar and a Specialized Vital Pack on my top tube to carry food and trash.  Left and right jersey pockets were also used primarily for food and trash, although the left pocket became quickly inaccessible when I dislocated my finger.   I reached in there once after the crash and my finger popped out of joint, so I stopped using that pocket.

I was really happy with my nutrition plan.  I had no stomach discomfort and no cramping during the entire ride.  I was dead tired and left it all on the trail, but had the fuel nailed to get me to the finish line in record time.


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