Nutrition On (and off) the Soccer Field

During a typical soccer game, it’s common for players to run over 7 miles during the 90 minutes of play. Unlike other team sports, soccer often requires players to move for an entire 45 minute half without a timeout or substitution. Refueling windows are tight and often followed by intense activity.

Josh Phillips is a pro soccer player with the Colorado Springs Switchbacks. He’s also an avid outdoorsman. We checked in with Josh to find out how he uses GU products to fuel him both on the field and when he’s out fishing or hunting.   

Nutrition for Soccer Training

Josh pops four Energy Chews with his coffee and breakfast before practice to top off his energy stores.  He folds over the sleeve and saves the other four chews to eat during practice to keep his energy up after multiple hours of drills and scrimmaging.

After every practice, he mixes up some Chocolate Smoothie Recovery Drink Mix (with a splash of milk) and takes some Roctane BCAA Capsules to help his muscles rebuild and get him ready to hit it again tomorrow.

Nutrition for Soccer Games

Before warming up, Josh eats half a package (four) of Energy Chews and then finishes the packet right before the game starts. During games, he’ll take down between four and eight Energy Chews and wash them down with Hydration Drink Tabs in his bottle. 

Why Chews?  He likes being able to take a few at a time without having to commit to the full package… and they taste great! Also, according to Josh, “the amount of caffeine is not enough to make you jittery, but just enough to dial you in.”  

Why Tabs?  “It’s the perfect balance between hydration and concentration. Other electrolyte drinks are too strong.”



As an avid outdoorsman, Josh says he also uses GU Energy Chews and Stroopwafels to keep his energy up when he’s out hunting and finishing. We asked him if he’s tried to land a big catch using an Energy Chew as bait… Not yet, but he’ll report back when he does!

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