Soaked on the outside? Don’t forget to soak your insides.

This is the time of year when runners and cyclists alike yearn for those warm spring days that feel like they’re just around the corner. The novelty of wearing that new foul weather gear your mom gave you for Christmas wore off back when you were still following your New Year’s resolution.

However, the glory days of spring training are still a few weeks away, and (especially if you live near us in the Bay Area) it’s still cold and it’s still wet out there.

When you’re shivering and soaked, the last thing on your mind is that water bottle you filled up before leaving the house. But, even when it’s cold and wet, your body is still sweating and you’re losing important moisture with every breath you take.

Here are a few Pro Tips that can help you keep the fluids flowing and maintain good hydration during nasty weather:

Hot hydration – take a tip from Caitlin and mix up some hot Lemon Tea Hydration Drink Mix in your thermos or insulated water bottle. Sipping on hot tea is a lot better than forcing down cold liquid.


Did you just eat? Then take a sip – don’t even think about taking down an Energy Gel or snack without a few sips of water. You might not feel thirsty, but hydration with your snack will help you absorb important nutrients faster, and it will make sure you don’t go too long without replenishing your fluids.

Smart layering – we know getting out of the house when there’s still a nip of cold in the air can be hard, but too many layers in the first 10 minutes can mean too much sweating later on! Take a tip from alpine climber Steve House and choose your layers wisely – if you’re sweating when it’s cold out, take the time to ditch the extra layer.

Put it all in one place – whether it’s wet and rainy or cold and snowy, you don’t want to have to stop to dig around for a snack and something to wash it down. Make it easy by keeping your fluids accessible. Also, try a carbohydrate rich drink like Roctane Energy Drink – it’s a one-stop-shop for both hydration and energy.


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