Why Take Probiotics?

Looking to upgrade your diet this fall? Go with your gut! Gut health plays a primary role in overall digestive function, but did you know that your gut also influences athletic performance? Over half of all endurance athletes experience some form of GI distress during exercise, which is not only uncomfortable, but can also cost you your race.

How a healthy gut can keep you performing at your peak:

  • Absorption: Gut health plays a crucial role in nutrient metabolism. In short, this is how you break down, absorb, and get energy from food you eat.
  • Illness & Recovery: A healthy gut also protects you from illness and harmful pathogens and mediates your inflammatory response to stressors, such as exercise and allergens.
  • Antioxidants & Fuel: A properly functioning gut is better at producing short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which have antioxidant properties and can be used as a fuel source by your liver and muscle cells.
  • Hydration: You gut plays a huge role in the absorption of fluids and electrolytes and can help you maintain good hydration and proper electrolyte balance.

A recent review article on the gut and endurance exercise highlights the importance of improving gut health by dietary means, such as probiotic supplementation. Incorporating probiotic-rich fermented foods into your diet is an easy way to increase the number and diversity of the beneficial microbes that reside in your gut.

We’ve added to our system of capsules with ROCTANE Probiotic Plus Capsules! Created to help athletes support digestive health and immune function, each serving gives you 10 billion CFU’s of probiotics. We also added ginger and licorice root extract to help soothe occasional gastrointestinal stress. To fortify your gut and help maintain digestive health, we recommend taking two capsules everyday with breakfast 

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