Eating is training is the GU point of view on how to optimize everyday nutrition. It means fueling to support your athletic lifestyle 24/7, not just immediately before, during or after exercise. The human body is incredibly capable of adapting to the demands place upon it, and the digestive system is not different. After only 3 days, dietary changes can alter the receptors that line your intestines, making it easier to absorb nutrients and produce energy all while decreasing GI distress.

If you can fuel more effectively and perform better as a result, wouldn’t you want to train for that too? We often say, “don’t waste your workout” around here, meaning that you need to provide the right nutrients at the right time, in sufficient amounts in addition to training. If you think about it, you spend a relatively small part of your day training, and the rest recovering and preparing for the next workout. Think of the rest of the day as an opportunity to train your nutrition. How you eat on a daily basis can profoundly impact your results in the gym, on the course, and in life. Sure, you can probably perform adequately with a sub-optimal diet, but don’t you want to excel? Eating is training is our holistic approach to nutrition with a focus on performance and recovery.

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