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Pro Tips

These GU Crew runners have been around the block (or should we say they’ve run around the block) a few times. We asked them to give us some tips for training and racing a marathon.

Scott Fauble | 7th Place at 2019 Boston Marathon in 2:09:09

"If you wait until you're feeling hungry or weak, it’s probably too late. During a marathon, you have to plan out and eat on regular intervals."

Magda Boulet | Olympian, Marathon PR: 2:26:22

"Training depletes energy, fluid stores and breaks down muscle. For optimum recovery tailor your nutrition to support each training session. To enhance adaptation focus on eating variety of colorful fruit and veggies, minimally processed carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. And remember: proper sleep contributes to speedy recovery, higher motivation and better eating habits… ultimately allowing you to do what you love day in and day out."

YiOu Wang | Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier, Marathon PR: 2:38:46

"For a first-time marathoner, it’s really important to focus on getting those long runs under your belt and getting that time on feet. If you didn't quite get in the speed workouts that you wanted, that's going to be just fine. But if you haven't done your long runs, that's going to be trouble."

Camelia Mayfield | Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier, Marathon PR: 2:42:38

"First - invest in comfortable clothes and shoes! If you're comfortable in what you're wearing, you're going to feel so much more comfortable doing an uncomfortable activity. Second - mix up your runs with interval workouts. They help build fitness faster than just going out and plotting through miles, and they also keep things interesting and different. Third - practice your nutrition. You're going to be out there for a long time, and you’ve got to eat."

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